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Waste treatment processes

For information, some of our past works on the subject:

Vitrification (1993)
Business Feasibility Study of a facility of incineration of hazardous waste with vitrification of slags

Wood Energy (1995)
Feasibility study of the development of a regional channel

Re-use of glass bottles (1995)
Engineering of a facility of sorting and renovation of glass bottles stemmed from the selective collection

Inerting with bitumen (1995)P503001102
Valuation of the process

Treatment of leachates by cavitation (France-1995)
Experimentation with an industrial pilot

Plat-form of composting (1996)
Engineering and supervision of works

Ceramic (1996)
Tries of confinement of metallic ions in ceramics matrix

Refuses of Car Shredding (1996)
Study of characterization and feasibility of the separation of the fractions

Process of biological remediation of contaminated soils (1997)

Polyurethanes (1997)
Study of the feasibility of the biodegradation of expanded polyurethanes

Creosoted woods (1997)
Engineering of a workshop of recycling of railway sleepers

Liquid Manure (1997)
Feasibility study of a process of biological treatment

Treated contaminated woods (1998)
Preliminary studies of a process of decontamination by biotechnologies

Recycling of rubber (1999)
Research of industrial applications for a process of recycling of rubber

Wastewater treatment sludge (2000)
Valuation of a chemical treatment process

Recycling of drums (2001)
Engineering of a workshop of renovation of used drums

Refuses of Car Shredding (2002)
Feasibility study of the treatment of the light fractions of the refuses of the shredding of out of use vehicles

Refuses of Car Shredding (2002)
Pre-feasibility study of valorisation by pyrolysis