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Marketing of the environment

For information, some of our past works on the subject:

Training of engineers in environment (1992)
One year training programme for the specialisation or the retraining of executives as engineers in environment

Agriculture (1995)
Feasibility study of an international centre of spreading of agricultural practices respectful of the environment toward Eastern Europe countries

ISO 14000 (1997)
Development of methodology and procedures for the creation of an offer of ISO 14000 services for a consultancy office

Market study of scrap metal (1998)
Feasibility study of the creation of a new scrap metal port terminal

Environment-Health (2000)
Market study of the creation of a pole of economical development (superior tertiary sector) on the theme environment & health

Engineer school in agriculture (2000)
Feasibility of the development of services of applied research toward enterprises

French Agency of Sanitary Environment Safety (2001)
Dossier of candidature of the city of Beauvais to the implementation of this new agency

Engineer school in environment (2001)
Study of strategies of development

International market of environment (2001)
Proposition of a system of help to SME to accost the Polish market of environment

Creation of a Regional Centre of Transfer of Technologies in environment (Russia-2001)

Feasibility of the treatment of hazardous waste (Algeria-2002)