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Last update 06/07/10
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Permitted Facilities for the Protection of the Environment

Even if everybody is supposed to know the law on permitted facilities, this one evolves. The business of the enterprise evolves too. At least, the topicality brings the administration to review some sides of the dossiers of permitted facilities, as recently the study of the impact on health, the study of prevention of hazards or the management of soils.

The dossier IPPC can no more stay stored in a cupboard for 10 or 15 years. Either it is submitted to authorisation or to declaration, the enterprise now must manage its dossier of permitting and to keep it alive.

Ekopro realizes all dossiers asking authorisation of operation of permitted facilities for the Protection of the Environment. Our experience includes very delicate dossiers, particularly for the waste treatment facilities.

Our mission is to realize the whole dossier. We do ourselves the most part of the studies. We work with a network of independent experts who bring their competencies for some technical studies. We take in charge the writing of the whole dossier with the both objectives to be technically complete for the services examining the dossier, and to be teaching for the public who will read the dossier during the public inquiry.

As an option, we can take in charge the communication before and during the public inquiry.