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Studies of impact on health

Ekopro has participated to the fitting of the methodologies of the studies of impact on health for the French ministry and the involved public bodies, and realizes studies of impact on health since 1999.

The studies of impact of the permitted for the protection of the environment facilities (IPPC) must allow to preserve the public health. For that aim they must lay on evaluation of the risks for health taking into account the whole pathways: air, water, food chain. In the case of the air emission of persisting and bioaccumulating pollutants, the indirect pathways of exposure, as the ingestion of food produced under the wind of the air emissions, may represent a large part of the global exposure.

The first step is to characterize the exposed population.

For existing facilities, field measures allow to characterize the diffusion of the pollutants.

For the planned facilities, it necessary to use a modelisation. Actually one of the most often used approaches to make these evaluations of risk consists in the use of a model of atmospheric dispersion aiming to estimate the distribution of the concentrations of the pollutants in air, and the speeds of deposit of the pollutants on the ground and on the vegetables. Then these data are input in a software designed for the calculation of the expositions linked to the contaminated soils, in aim to estimate the risks by indirect pathways of exposure.

At least, according to the chemical matters identified in the emissions, the doses of exposition must be compared to the allowable doses in aim to evaluate the risk for public health by the facility.