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Sanitary Landfill

Today the sanitary landfill lays on a set of high technologies that make an excellent method to dispose the waste, by controlling the impact on environment at economically affordable costs.

The main environment risk of the landfills is the contamination of water: underground water or surface water. the general design of a landfill aims at to insulate the waste from the water and to collect and treat the whole leachates and gas  produced by the waste.
The modern regulations distinguish a passive barrier and an active barrier. The active barrier is a draining system including geomembranes and draining layers. The leachate must be wholly collected and purified. The passive barrier lays on the geological conditions of the site and must ensure an efficient protection of the underground and surface waters for years or centuries.
So the key-point is above all the choice of the site and the general design of the landfill.

The construction of the landfill must be done under a Total Quality Insurance Plan in such a way to guarantee that all the operations and all the materials are in conformity with their specifications.

Our Services

  • Location of sites
  • Studies: geological, hydrogeological, general design
  • Engineering: detailed project
  • Total Quality Insurance Plan
  • Supervision of works
  • Diagnostic and remediation of old landfills