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Last update 20/07/10
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About us

It was not necessary to coin the term "sustainable development"  to realize that ecology and economy had nothing incompatible. For a long time we knew that our environment factors have an incidence on public health. So if humanity needs to produce the means of its subsistence and its development, it could not forget that it has to preserve its quality of life and so the quality of its environment.
The degradation of the environment factors, it's, as size order, about 2 millions dead per year all over the planet, et millions genetic malformations and incurable diseases.

For 30 years, this awareness manifests in facts. Regulations have been taken as and when the problems have been identified and solutions have been developed. But we regulate only what we know and a lot stay remaining.

Ekopro is at the edge of this evolution. We pioneer new problems. We like to treat problems nobody has yet tackled or solved.

Ekopro has the particularity to be able to gather around a question, a problem, the best specialists, taking benefit of a network of some hundreds scientists, engineers, experts, across the world*, built along the years and the works done together.

At least, all countries have not known this evolution with the same speed. Europe, North America, Japan, started earlier than the others. We attach importance to transfer toward other countries the results of our experiences: the good ones to be inspired by, the bad ones to not reproduce them.

* Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA